The Spartan Method: A Better Way to do Service Transformation


a webinar on how to run projects 5x faster at a fraction of the cost

With Adam Long, Managing Director and Founder at ThunderLabs

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🗓️ Wednesday, 21 June 2023
⏱️ 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
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About the Training:

AGILE hasn’t delivered on its promises of speed. the spartan method is the alternative.

Custom-built for service transformation projects in large organisations, the Spartan Method offers an alternative definition, governance and delivery approach that doesn’t require the huge up-front work of the standard process.
Tested on over 300 projects for the likes of Cochlear, Woolworths, Sydney University and News Corp, the Spartan approach removes the need for most of the work we currently do pre-project and finally delivers on the “deliver early, deliver often” principle that was supposed to be at the heart of Agile.
Join a bunch of equally curious professionals in a wide variety of roles from line managers and project managers to business analysts and quality assurance, to walk through real examples and:
  • Explore and break some of the myths we have assumed true by calling up your own experiences – like the iron triangle.

  • Learn and practice an investigative approach for defining projects based on business outcomes and clear success measures that the whole project team can understand and buy into.

  • Learn about Spartan projects and how they can be used to justify investment incrementally instead of doing it all-at-once.

  • Learn and practice an investigative approach for isolating a Flintstone project without focusing on technology and other constraints.

  • Explore and learn why most Spartan projects can be delivered inside a month for almost every digital project – even the multi-year ones.

  • Chat through some strategies for taking a step toward outcomes-oriented projects, within your current role.

Meet our presenters

Adam Long
managing director and coFounder at ThunderLabs

Also known as The Ethical CEO, Adam is a strategist for the fastest growing companies, advising the likes of ANZ, Humanitix and KPMG. Adam has built several companies of his own, including Conscious Step (socks for charity), Step Change (strategy consultancy) and now ThunderLabs.

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