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Detect cyber threats in record time with ThunderLabs and Vectra AI 

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There’s a staggering 44% surge in cyber assults targeting the education sector, compared to the year 2021. That’s an average of 2,297 volleys raining down on organisations every week, according to Check Point’s 2022 Mid-Year Report.

As a leader in your university or school, the responsibility of safeguarding critical information and ensuring uninterrupted learning falls on your shoulders. 
Our exclusive white paper dives deep into the prevailing cyber security challenges that universities and schools across Australia are grappling with.  
Your institution’s security is at stake. Act now to strengthen your digital perimeter and ensure a safe and uninterrupted learning environment. 


We don’t just skim the surface when it comes to cybersecurity. We dive deep into the rabbit hole, uncovering the root cause of potential or realised threats.  
That’s why we’ve formed an unholy alliance — an unstoppable cyber strike team that merges Vectra AI’s cutting-edge technology with ThunderLabs’ unrivaled cyber security expertise. 
Together, we detect and neutralise cyber threats in record time, mitigating their impact and safeguarding your business operations from substantial damages. 

Redefining Cyber Resilience. 

Our collaboration with Vectra AI empowers us to offer behaviour-based, AI-based anomaly detection and profiling with rapid and precise automated response capabilities. Together, we redefine cyber resilience, removing reputational risks, and ensuring that malicious behaviors are detected before they become critical problems.  

Led by our ethical hackers, we meticulously expose security gaps, providing invaluable insights to fortify your cybersecurity defenses.  

Mitigate Risks, Safeguard Reputations. 

The cost of missing malicious behavior can be immeasurable. With Vectra AI’s behavior-based approach, ThunderLabs empowers you to detect anomalous behaviours and identities early on, minimising the risk of cyber attacks before they even begin.  

Unparalleled and Tailored Security Preparedness

Brace yourself for an unrivaled fortress of defense that will ward off even the most audacious cyber threats, leaving no room for compromise. 
In an organisation of 200K devices, 40K alarms are reduced to 5 key critical actions. This is possible  with Vectra AI and ThunderLabs by your side

Lightning-Fast Response and Recovery

While others leisurely stroll through the cybersecurity landscape, we sprint at breakneck speed, leaving no stone unturned. 
Armed with AI-driven capabilities, we swiftly annihilate vulnerabilities, ensuring minimal disruptions.  Our behavior-based defense slashes detection time from an alarming 270 days to an impressive 1 day. 
No more prolonged battles — our lightning-fast response and recovery allows you to thwart cyber threats before they could cripple your business

Crush Risks Proactively

Why wait for threats to strike when you can crush them before they even emerge? Fueled by the relentless power of cutting-edge AI technology, it’s a proactive tools that detect Red and Purple Team attacks, providing real-time intelligence that outsmarts even the most cunning cybercriminals.  
Stay one step ahead, anticipate their every move, and turn the tables on those who dare to threaten your digital domain. 

Accelerate Cyber Insurance Success

With proactive tools in place, detecting malicious behaviors before they manifest into serious issues becomes effortless.  
This proactive approach improves your cyber insurance prospects, minimising the cost while ensuring you are adequately covered against potential financial losses. 

 ThunderLabs: The Architects of Cybersecurity Excellence 

With ThunderLabs by your side, you gain access to a legion of battle-hardened cyber warriors equipped with the most advanced weaponry available. 
We craft customised cybersecurity programs tailored to your unique operating environment, ensuring even the most intricate networks tremble in the face of our expertise. Just ask NBN, a $40 billion network fortress we’ve safeguarded with our proven cybersecurity program. 

Complexity doesn’t faze us — in fact, we thrive on it. 

We guide you through treacherous terrain, identifying tools that precisely fit your operational needs and streamlining your defenses. No more wasting resources on futile endeavors or deploying them aimlessly. We’re here to ensure you hit the mark, delivering a knockout blow to any cyber threat that dares cross your path. 
And now, with the inclusion of Vectra AI in our ranks, we empower you to detect and respond to attacks within minutes, keeping your business one decisive step ahead of cyber threats. 
Don’t wait for cyber threats to strike. Take control and strengthen your security posture with ThunderLabs and Vectra AI. 

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