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Our team is behind exceptional commercial outcomes from Okta at: 

ThunderLabs is Okta’s premier partner for Customer Identity Cloud, powered by Auth0. 

We believe in placing the customer at the centre. 

This looks like centring your security around identities.  Every individual within your organisation and every customer interacting with your business is a unique entity. They deserve a seamless and secure identity experience. Having multiple identities per person across different platforms can lead to vulnerabilities and exploitation of identities. 
What this does NOT look like is building a walled city.  This means centring your security solely around your company, systems, locations, and applications. It’s an approach that may leave your organisation vulnerable to potential risks and limitations: 

It creates fragmented security perimeters. 

The risk of identity propagation multiplies. 

It introduces challenges in customer-centricity. 

Company-centric security is not well-suited for implementing a Zero Trust model. 

It hinders the organisation’s ability to innovate and embrace digital transformation fully. 

We believe in empowering businesses to drive revenue through a unified and secure identity approach.  

At ThunderLabs, we advocate for the transformative shift towards an identity-centric security strategy, empowering businesses to thrive securely.  
With our spartan approach to service transformation and Okta’s state-of-the-art platform, we can now deliver unparalleled capabilities to our clients, achieving business outcomes like no one else. 

We can help you…


Our newest projects and some of our biggest projects have OKTA and AUTH0 at their core. You want a team with benefit-focussed experience to help you.

Transition platforms 

Some products just don’t have the capabilities you need to put your customers and their identity at the centre of your service transformation, and some products are reaching end of life, like Salesforce CIM. That’s why we’re making the transition for some of Australia’s most complex companies.

Rapidly build and test new use cases to delight customers  

We’ve done 300+ service transformation projects in as short a time frame as 3 weeks using the spartan approach to delivery. With ThunderLabs and Okta by your side, you can confidently embark on your digital projects, knowing that we deliver results with speed, precision and the highest level of security. 

Get more from your implementation 

You have Okta, and you need help in change management and obtaining the best value from your investment.

Become independent of vendors

Our recruitment team is designed to build your cyber and identity team.

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