Warning: What you’re about to read may step on a few toes.

Tech has a problem.

Too Many tech projects are bullshit…

They’re disconnected from any business outcome, over-designed at the start (by business analysts who leave the company before the projects even goes live), they take too long to get in front of a customer, cost too much, and fail too often.

… run by a homogeneous bunch of blokes.

Yep, it’s mostly men. And mostly with similar backgrounds. Too many important voices are not heard and businesses suffer as a result.

There. We said it.

Why: We exist to create freedom — for our team, our customers and a new generation of tech apprentices. That means everyone we touch experiences Purpose, Autonomy and Mastery.
How: Creating heroic outcomes for leaders, their teams and their customers — we’re a sidekick that delivers speed and outcomes they didn’t think possible.
What: #1 place in Australia for fast transformation of digital through highly secure, intuitive digital assets that drive service transformation. Our ecosystem delivers special projects, exceptional talent, and intelligent cybersecurity.

Ready to see if there’s a spark?

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