Resilience and Reinvention: A ServiceNow Developer’s Path to Success with RMIT and ThunderLabs

Discover the inspiring story of Umang, who overcame challenges and transformed his career with the help of ThunderLabs and RMIT. This story is a testament to perseverance and the power of right opportunities.

Every success story starts with a dream, and Umang’s tale is no different. Hailing from India with a degree in Information Technology, Umang’s initial approach to his career was, by his own admission, somewhat unfocused — a pursuit more for the certificate than the passion. 

But life’s unpredictable tides brought him to Australia, where he envisioned not just a career, but a life filled with dreams and aspirations. 

But the path was far from straightforward. Umang’s journey reflects the resilience and adaptability many find themselves needing when starting anew in a foreign land. From technical roles to a necessity-driven stint at Coles, his story is one of patience and persistent job applications, all while juggling the responsibilities of a young family. 

It was the pandemic that marked a turning point for Umang. It was then that he found the motivation to dive back into IT. Reflecting on what getting back into the IT field meant during this critical time, he said, “It was everything to me.” 

His degree, once just a piece of paper, became the foundation upon which he rebuilt his career, eventually leading him to an opportunity with ServiceNow — a chance that reignited his professional journey in Australia. 


The ThunderLabs Turning Point   

After being made redundant and enduring a period of unemployment, he took on various roles, including a job at Coles. This experience, while challenging, didn’t diminish his determination. Umang shared, “I was redundant, so meanwhile, I approached so many other students on LinkedIn as well with the ServiceNow administrator tagline.”  

His proactive approach in seeking opportunities and upskilling through ServiceNow’s Next Gen project exemplifies his dedication to re-entering the tech field. 

His re-entry into the tech world was then accelerated by his engagement with ThunderLabs.


Inclusive Recruitment: The RMIT and ThunderLabs Approach 

Umang’s recruitment experience with RMIT, facilitated by ThunderLabs, was markedly different from the norm. He found RMIT’s approach to be inclusive and open-minded, focusing on potential rather than just ticking off experience requirements.  

RMIT’s supportive attitude was instrumental in building his confidence. He appreciated the chance to answer technical questions at his own pace and was upfront about areas where he lacked hands-on experience. His honesty and enthusiasm were key factors in RMIT’s decision-making process, showcasing their willingness to invest in potential rather than just established expertise. 

Umang’s experience underlines the importance of organisations like RMIT and ThunderLabs in recognising the potential of candidates who may not fit the traditional ’round peg for a round hole’ but bring their unique shapes to the table. 

It’s a reminder of the value in giving opportunities to less experienced individuals who are eager to learn and grow within their roles.  


A Nod to ThunderLabs’ insourcing Expertise  

Reflecting on our headhunting services, Umang expressed high regard for their proactive and genuine approach. Our approach to talent search goes beyond the conventional recruitment methods. 

The way we engage with potential candidates is proactive. It’s not just about filling a position but about creating a match that benefits both the candidate and the employer.  

Our dedication to providing a comprehensive and considerate recruitment experience is evident in Umang’s journey. And we love that our values are aligned with our hiring clients from RMIT: we both understand that a successful placement is about more than just meeting job requirements; it’s about fostering a fit that allows both the individual and the organisation to grow and thrive together. 


Umang’s Advice to Aspiring Candidates

Umang’s journey offers valuable insights for aspiring candidates, especially those facing challenges similar to his own. HIs advice? “Keep the faith in yourself, focus on your strengths, and be upfront in interviews.”

This statement is grounded in his personal experiences during a challenging phase of career transition and uncertainty. 

Despite not receiving much support and facing skepticism due to his career gap and limited experience, Umang didn’t let this deter him. Instead, he used it as motivation to prove his capabilities. 

His determination to overcome the doubts of others and his self-driven approach to acquiring new certifications in ServiceNow illustrate the importance of self-belief and proactive learning. 


Conclusion: The Power of Perseverance 

Umang’s incredible journey stands as a powerful testament to the undeniable strength of human spirit and perseverance. From his beginnings as a hopeful candidate to his transformation into a valued member of the RMIT team, his story unfolds like an inspiring story of relentless pursuit and self-belief. 
His story is a testament to the idea that sometimes, the biggest push comes from within. This resonates with anyone facing career hurdles. It’s a reminder that with perseverance and the right support, the sky’s the limit. 

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