The Service Most Frequently Deployed with Our Clients Is Now Our Partner: Announcing Our Partnership with Okta

We’re now Okta's premier partner for Customer Identity Cloud, powered by Auth0.

After more than 300 projects, we’ve had a realisation: Our biggest projects and most recent projects all use Okta for Identity Access and Management. 

We’ve been dating a while, and it’s been going well. So now we’re getting married. 

We’re now Okta’s premier partner for Customer Identity Cloud, powered by Auth0.   

Picture this: ThunderLabs’ cyber security expertise meets Okta’s cutting-edge platform, like the ultimate power couple. It’s a match made in tech heaven that’s about to revolutionise help businesses accelerate growth. 

Now what does this mean, exactly? 

This means we’re helping our clients improve their customer experience from registration to transaction for safety and privacy — without compromising cyber security. This also means our clients can learn about their customers and understand how they want to be engaged.    

It also means our clients now have access to mind-blowing capabilities that will put their business outcomes front and centre like never before. 

We’ve tackled the trickiest cyber security and service transformation projects, coming out on top every time. Now, with Okta by our side, we’re like an unstoppable duo ready to take on the world. Consider us your trusty sidekicks in the digital realm. 

This partnership is a game-changer. We’re talking about supercharged security, streamlined workflows, and digital experiences that’ll leave your customers delighted and competition dominated. 

Got questions? Curious about how our ThunderLabs + Okta dream team can level up your organisation? Our squad is here and eager to chat.  

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