Authority & Influence: Stepping into the strategic space

With Michael Augello, Strategic Advisor at IIBA

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About the Webinar:

Have you ever been frustrated by putting in significant effort on a project, only to realise halfway through that it might not meet the expectations of the stakeholders? 
And to make matters worse, the people in charge might sound like they know what they’re doing, but deep down, you know that the path they’re taking isn’t quite right. Is it just because they throw around buzzwords like strategy and outcome in their emails, or is there something else at play?
Join Michael Augello, the godfather of the BA world, in our lunchtime webinar as he takes us through how BAs can increase their authority and influence by connecting their work to outcomes and the overarching strategy of the business.
In this webinar, we covered:
  • Recognising your own value
  • The great questions BAs ask
  • How to demonstrate your strategic thinking
  • Growing your own sphere of influence
Michael will be joined for this fireside by Adam Long, Managing Director and world-class strategist.

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Meet our guest speaker and facilitator

Michael Augello

Strategic Advisor, IIBA

Michael is a highly respected leader in the Business Analysis industry and an impressive speaker. Previously the International Chair of the Board of Directors for IIBA, he now serves as their strategic advisor, He has co-founded Optimise IT, which was publicly listed on the ASX and later acquired by UXC. He also is the founder of OptimiseYou, a consultancy that empowers professionals through coaching and training.


Managing Director, ThunderLabs

Also known as The Ethical CEO, Adam is a strategist for the fastest growing companies, advising the likes of ANZ, Humanitix and KPMG. Adam has built several companies of his own, including Conscious Step (socks for charity), Step Change (strategy consultancy) and now ThunderLabs.