Don’t Let People’s Opinions Hold You Back

People judging you today likely won't be around in 100 years. Don't let temporary opinions hold you back from living your life to the fullest.

Have you ever felt held back by the fear of being judged? 

The quote above inspired by a Modern Wisdom podcast episode with Alex Hormozi resonated deeply. 

It’s easy to get caught up in the opinions of colleagues, peers, or even family members. 

We crave validation and can allow external judgment to dictate our choices. 

But in the grand scheme of things, these judgments are often temporary and often stem from individual perspectives, not objective truths. 

This isn’t to say we should disregard all feedback. 

Constructive criticism from trusted advisors or mentors can be helpful for growth. 

But it’s crucial to differentiate between well-meaning feedback and mere judgment. 

Connect with me, Chris McGowan, for more thoughts on leadership and building a business. 

Chris McGowan

Chris McGowan

Chris is the CEO of ThunderLabs, the sidekick for visionary leaders seeking heroic outcomes from their tech and teams. With a track record of success for companies like IAG, RMIT, and Cochlear, Chris and the team deliver game-changing digital and people solutions in weeks. From talent scouting to cybersecurity, they offer full-service capabilities in recruitment, cyber, and rapid digital transformation, empowering leaders to turn vision into outcomes effectively.

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